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92: John Redfern | The Promise Of Geothermal Energy & The Company To Realise It - Eavor

June 07, 2022 John Redfern Episode 92
Curious Worldview Podcast
92: John Redfern | The Promise Of Geothermal Energy & The Company To Realise It - Eavor
Show Notes


The following is a conversation with John Redfern who is the CEO of Eavor Technology which is one of the most exciting businesses in one of the most exciting industries in the world right now.

John Redfern has an extensive resume. He’s been described as an expert investor, advisor and serial entrepreneur in the data analytics, oil service and energy tech verticals. John spent his career in executive roles at multiple international oil corporations as a Director at Hess in London, President of Accumap in Calgary and President of IHS Energy in Denver. John spent 13 years in China co-founding a series of start-ups and holds a degree in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University in Kingston, a Law degree from McGill University in Montreal, and an MBA degree from INSEAD in France.

It might sound like wild conjecture. But if you take John at his word, and as well recent guests on the podcast Magnus Brandberg and Patrick Hanson at theirs, the market potential for geothermal could be the most discounted opportunity in the world at the moment. And if that’s not wild enough for you, geothermal might also be the answer to carbon-free energy as well.

In This Podcast With John Redfern, You Can Expect To Hear About…

  • What It Was Like Doing Business In China During The Greatest Economic Rise In History
  • Eavor Technology & What Makes Them Different.
  • Geothermal Top To Bottom. Its Limitations, Capital Raising, Digging Deeper & Universal Adoption Of Geothermal.

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  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 02:15 – What Is It Like Doing Business In China?
  • 19:53 – Shenzen & Special Economic Zones
  • 24:30 – Chinese Innovation & How The Country Has Changed.
  • 29:15 – A Business Practice Of China You Don’t Like.
  • 35:43 – The Transition To Geothermal Energy & Eavor Technology.
  • 53:05 – How Is Eavor So Innovative?
  • 1:04:51 – Quaise Energy, Galileo & The Non-Linearity Between Depth & Heat For Geothermal.
  • 1:13:50 – VC In Geothermal & Eavor.
  • 1:20:15 – The Problem Between Energy Generation & Energy Consumption.
  • 1:25:40 – Explaining Eavor Tech By Example + Beauracratic Red Tape.
  • 1:40:05 – Daniel Yergin & The Bearish Case For Geothermal.
  • 1:47:09 – What Is A Country You Are Bullish On?
  • 1:53:15 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History?
  • 1:58:54 – Afterthoughts & Ambition For The Podcast.